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WOMENS Ministry

To call Women to Faith by acceptance

Lady Sundrell Rose  

Ministry Leader

Lady Sundrell is the director and leader of the Women Ministry at Holy Trinity. She has done an awesome job as the director of this ministry, and her knowledge of the issues facing women in Christ is limitless.

Along with her duties as the First Lady of the Church, Sis. Rose has taken on the duties as the Leader of the Women Ministry to bring women in to the service of the Lord.

WOMENS Ministry

The Women Ministry is excited about this coming year and the opportunities for women to interact, grow spiritually, and fellowship. Holy Trinity's women are challenged to lead the way in serving Christ and the community by putting on the full armor of God. This ministry has Christ-centered women willing to be leaders and accountable to God’s Word. The women meet together for Bible Study, special events, and activities throughout the year to grow in fellowship and accountability.

Our desire is to assist all women in finding and maintaining a Godly character, which should be evident to their families, friends and their co-workers. Our efforts are intentional and designed to foster spiritual growth, deepen personal relationships and to build all of the women of Holy Trinity.

Pastor Terence Blackshure

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