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Lady Sundrell Rose  
Ministry Leader


Having ministries tailored to different age groups is a profound blessing, a truth that resonates deeply in the ethos of our community.  Every season of life has its unique beauty and challenges. Just as the wise shepherd knows each sheep by name, so must our ministries recognize and cater to the distinct needs of each age group. For the young, we sow seeds of faith and righteousness in fertile soil, nurturing them with stories of valor and virtue, equipping them to face a world that often challenges their innocence. It's in these tender years that the foundation of a life-long journey with God is laid, a journey that shapes their very essence and destiny. As for the adults, our ministry must be a bastion of support and guidance.

Life's tempests often batter the strongest of vessels, and it is in these times that the ministry becomes a lighthouse, guiding them back to safe shores. 

We delve into the Word, seeking wisdom and strength to overcome trials, to balance the demands of life, and to grow in spiritual maturity and understanding. In the golden years, our ministry transforms into a place of honor and reverence, acknowledging the vast reservoirs of wisdom and experience our elders possess. We provide them with avenues to impart their life-learned lessons, ensuring that their legacies continue to ripple through generations. In every stage, the ministry adapts, providing relevant and meaningful support, and fostering a sense of belonging and purpose. This age-diverse approach not only strengthens individuals but weaves a tapestry of communal unity, embracing each thread of life in its glorious color and texture. Our diversity of ages, we find a harmony that resonates with the very heartbeat of God's purpose for our church

Lady Sundrell is the director and leader of the Women Ministry at Holy Trinity. She has done an awesome job as the director of this ministry, and her knowledge of the issues facing women in Christ is limitless.

Along with her duties as the First Lady of the Church, Sis. Rose has taken on the duties as the Leader of the Women Ministry to bring women in to the service of the Lord.

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